Bobbi Brown BBU Palette

bobbi brown BBU

When you’re a makeup artist, it’s the little things that really excite you. From decanting your fave lipsticks into a fancy new palette or finding a way of cramming everything into your Zuca bag in the most compact way possible.

Last week, I was in London at Bobbi Brown head office and managed to have a play with the highly coveted BBU palette. It’s one of those things I’d always admired from afar. Yeah, it’s pretty but it’s super expensive and the size of a small book. What really made me stand up and take notice though, was the fact that I didn’t have to break my back carrying tonnes of different foundations around on jobs with me. Working for Bobbi, I’ve grown to love the formulation of the foundation stick. It’s creamy and full coverage and for bridal makeup, it photographs beautifully.

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Beauty On The Go

on the go makeup

On a day to day basis, a morning spent perfecting makeup is a pipe dream. There’s nothing maverick about my quick slap dash A.M application and as I’m pretty busy, I can’t give bag space to a million and one makeup products or dedicate shedloads of time for lengthy fixes.

It’s that internal struggle in the morning to either snooze my alarm or have that extra ten minutes perfecting a bold lip or a winged eyeliner. Let me tell you that the latter is a very rare occasion and as much as I appreciate those ten minutes of lazy time, before I know it I have 30 minutes to shower and leave the house. It’s for this reason that I take a streamlined SOS collection of beauty bits for top up and if I’m really late? Enough products for a car park style makeover with all of the glamour you can attach to that. Which is very little.

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Winding Down At Your Desk


You don’t choose the desk life, the desk life chooses you. Well, kinda. When I decided at a young age that I wanted a life in fashion and writing, being at a desk was an over sight and I in no way knew the extent to which writing came with a prescriptive seat and endless tapping. I’m not complaining, I love what I do but sometimes a girl’s gotta unwind and lately I’ve discovered quite the chill time line up.

First thing is first. I’m the queen of wanting to get things done so sometimes when it comes to giving myself a little time out between keyboard tapping, I should really take a spoonful of my own advice. I made it my news year’s resolution to cut myself some slack, so when it comes to a quick 15, the kettle gets boiled and out come the Teapigs. Took me a while to get over the name, pig? Tea? There’s probably a really rational explanation but heck, it tastes good and what better way to chill that with a cup of the good stuff?

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The Bumble & Bumble Brigade

new bumble

Seriously, how rare is it to have a one brand dedication when it comes to hair care? It was an almost eureka moment on the discovery of all this Bumble bumpf and my hair is sure as hell thanking me for it.

I’ll hold my hands up and wholeheartedly admit that my hair is the area of beauty that isn’t given my full attention. I know, quite the revelation but it’s cut once every 6 weeks in the same ‘Alexa Chung’ straight, long bob (that I’m very slowly growing out) and the occasional roller graces the lengths. Nothing wild here, guys. However, true to my cosmetic fiend form, I’m for the most part, a one brand groupie.

My hair is thin but I have tonnes of it, so the thickening spray has seen my once lifeless locks beefed up and looking fuller that ever. A quick distribution through the mid lengths and you’re good to go. Simple. Oh, I must mention that the first port of call is the Prep Spray which is spritzed into my hands and hap-hazardly administered through root to tip to help the products adhere to my hair. Think of it as a venus fly trap for products – yep well. and. truly. anchored.

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Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque

Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque

On bad skin days, I’d always grabbed the nearest tube of the infamous Aesop Poppy Seed Cleansing mask when my skin decided to throw a hissy fit. But after squeezing the remnants of my last tube out until I had to admit defeat, there I was, left with an Aesop shaped hole in my life that needed to be replaced a-sap.

My skin has fallen out with me. I’ve admitted in the past that I’m a honorary member of the skincare floosy squad and if there is a new release of skin care, I’m all over it. The result of this? A spot zone and an extreme case of red face. The one thing that I am dedicated to however, is Aesop’s cleansing masks and the one I hadn’t tried before has pipped the Poppy Seed offering to the post to claim dibs on the number one spot for clearing up problem skin. You interested yet?

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